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Paul McCartney Album Zusammenfassung 2015/2016/2017


1970      McCartney*
1971      Ram*
1971      Wild Life
1973      Red Rose Speedway
1973      Band on the Run*
1975      Venus and Mars*
1976      Wings at the Speed of Sound*
1978      London Town
1979      Back to the Egg
1980      McCartney II*
1982      Tug of War*
1983      Pipes of Peace*
1984      Give My Regards to Broad Street
1986      Press to Play
1989      Flowers in the Dirt*
1988/91      Снова в СССР (The Russian Album)
1993      Off the Ground**/Complete Works
1997      Flaming Pie
1999      Run Devil Run**
2001      Driving Rain**
2005      Chaos and Creation in the Backyard**
2007      Memory Almost Full
2012      Kisses on the Bottom
2013 NEW
2013-NEW Deluxe Edition(3 Bonus Tracks)
2014 New Japanese Edition (1 CD/DVD)
2014-New Collector Edition(2CD/DVD)


1976      Wings over America*
1990      Tripping the Live Fantastic
1990      Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights!
1991      Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)
1993      Paul Is Live
2002      Back in the US
2003      Back in the World
2009      Amoeba Secret (Live EP-CD Version)
2009      Good Evening New York City

aka The Fireman

1993 Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest

1998 Rushes

2008 Electric Arguments


1977 Thrillington**+ .Beilage der RAM Deluxe

2000 Liverpool Sound Collage

2005 Twin Freaks( nur als digital Download 2012)**

Tribut Album

1998 Wild Prairie -Linda Tribut Album

2000  A Garland for Linda

Film Soundtracks

1967-The Family Way bei einem anderen Label+

1973-James Bond-Live And Let Die-anderen Label+

1983 The Honorary Consul

Best Ofs 

1978      Wings Greatest
1987      All the Best
2001      Wingspan: Hits and History
2016 Pure McCartney

Klassische Werke

1991      The Liverpool Oratorium
1997      Standing Stone
1999      Working Classical
2006      Ecce Cor Meum
2011      Ocean’s Kingdom

* Archive Collection- Concord/Hear Music Label
** Archive Reihe ohne Deluxe Ausgaben

+Nicht von McCartney`s Label veröffentlicht!!!!

# Preis ist noch Offen!!!

Preise der Deluxe (Aus meiner Sammlung!!!)

2010-Band On The Run 79,99
2011-McCartney I+II zusammen 133,98 
2013-Wings Over America 116,99
2014-Venus And Mars/At The Speed Of Sound zusammen 159,98
2015-Tug of War/Pipes Of Peace zusammen  173,98
2017-Flowers In The Dirt 126,34