Dienstag, September 24, 2013

Michael McCartney-McGear 24.September 1974 erschienen

Es war Michael McCartneys 2.Album unter Mitarbeit von Paul McCartney und den Wings Mitgliedern Denny Laine,Linda,Denny Seiwell und Jimmy McCulloch.

All songs by Mike McGear & Paul McCartney, except where noted.

"Sea Breezes" (Bryan Ferry) -4:52
"What Do We Really Know?" (McCartney) -3:28
"Norton" -2:35
"Leave It" (McCartney) -3:44
"Have You Got Problems?" -6:16
"The Casket" (McCartney/Roger McGough) -4:19
"Rainbow Lady" -3:26
"Simply Love You" -2:47
"Givin' Grease A Ride" -5:35
"The Man Who Found God On The Moon" -6:26
Mike McGear: Vocals.
Paul McCartney: Bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals.
Linda McCartney: Moog, piano, vocals
Denny Laine: Electric guitars, vocals.
Jimmy McCulloch: Electric guitars.
Denny Seiwell: Drums, percussion (on "Leave It").
Gerry Conway: Drums, percussion.
Brian Jones: Saxophones.
Tony Coe: Saxophones (on "Leave It").
Paddy Moloney: Aeolian pipes (on "The Casket").
The Halle Orchestra, arranged & conducted by Gerry Allison.

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