Montag, Mai 02, 2016

Traveling Wilburys Collection am 3 Juni

Am 3 Juni 2016 legt Concord Music die 2007er Fassung neu auf .
Diesmal beim selben Label wie Paul McCartney Concord Music.

3 Formate

2 CD/1 DVD with 16 Pages Booklet
2 CD/DVD with 40 Pages Booklet

  3 LP's  2 LP's plus Bonus

Disc 1: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (originally released as Wilbury 25796, 1988) and bonus tracks
Handle with Care
Dirty World
Last Night
Not Alone Any More
Heading for the Light
Tweeter and the Monkey Man
End of the Line
Maxine (bonus track)
Like a Ship (bonus track)

Disc 2: DVD
The True History of The Traveling Wilburys (24-minute documentary)
Handle with Care (promo video)
End of the Line (promo video)
She’s My Baby (promo video)
Inside Out (promo video)
Wilbury Twist (promo video)

Disc 3: Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 (originally released as Wilbury/Warner Bros. Records 26324, 1990)and bonus tracks
She’s My Baby
Inside Out
If You Belonged to Me
The Devil’s Been Busy
Deadly Sins
Poor House
Where Were You Last Night?
Cool Dry Place
New Blue Moon
You Took My Breath Away
Wilbury Twist
Nobody’s Child (from Nobody’s Child – Romanian Angel Appeal – Warner Bros. Records 26280, 1990)
Runaway (remix of U.K. 12″ B-side to “She’s My Baby” – Warner Bros. Records W9523T, 1990)

Bonus 12″ with vinyl box
Handle with Care (Extended Version) (U.K. 12″ A-side – Wilbury Records W7732T, 1988)
Like a Ship
End of the Line (Extended Version) ) (U.K. 12″ A-side – Wilbury Records W7637T, 1989)
Nobody’s Child
Not Alone Any More (Remix)
Runaway (Remix)