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John's Halbschwester Jacqui Gerude Dykins geboren 26.Oktober 1949 in Liverpool

After attending Gateacre Comprehensive Jackie became an apprentice hairdresser when she lived with her sister Julia. She later moved in with her Aunt Mimi in Poole for a time. Later she moved to London and worked in 'Scissors' on the King's Road. She moved back to Liverpool for a number of years, but returned to London in the late 80's. She is now studying herbal medicine.
Jackie has one son who is studying English and History in London.

As Jacqui was born prematurely, Julia went to the hospital everyday to see her. When Lennon was 11-years-old, he started to visit the Dykins' house and often stayed there overnight. Julia Dykins would give up her bed to him, and share Jacqui's bed. Julia remembered that after Lennon had visited them, her mother would often play a record called, My Son John, To Me You Are So Wonderful, "by some old crooner, and sit and listen to it". (Julia probably meant "My Son John"—sung by David Whitfield—which was released in 1956). After Julia's death, the two girls (aged eleven and eight) were sent to stay in Edinburgh at Aunt Mater's, and were told two months later by Norman Birch (Lennon's uncle) that their mother had died. After the success of The Beatles Lennon bought a 4-bedroomed house in Gateacre Park Drive, Liverpool, for Jacqui and Julia to live in with Lennon's Aunt Harriet and Uncle Norman, who were earlier made the legal guardians of the girls—ignoring Dykins' parentage, as he had never legally married Julia. After Lennon's death and Harriet died, Yoko wanted to sell the house—as it was still in Lennon's name—but later gave it to the Salvation Army on 2 November 1993, even though Lennon had once written a letter, saying:
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