Freitag, Juni 07, 2013

Vor 20 Jahren brachte EMI-16 Macca/Wings Alben neu raus und mit Bonus- 07.Juni 1993

8 Wings Alben und 8 Solo Alben

Solo Alben waren:


Another Day
Oh Woman, Oh Why

McCartney II
Goodnight Tonight
Check My Machine
Secret Friend

Tug of War*

Pipes Of Peace
Twice In A Lifetime
We All Stand Together
Simple As That

Give My Regards To Broadstreet
No More Lonely Nights (Extended Version)
No More Lonely Nights (Special Dance Mix)

Press to Play
Spies Like Us
Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version)

Flower in the Dirt
Back On My Feet
Flying To My Home
Loveliest Thing

Wings Alben waren:

Wild Life
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Little Woman Love
Mama's Little Girl

Red Rose Speedway
I Lie Around
The Mess (Recorded Live At The Hague)

Band On The Run
Helen Wheels
Country Dreamer
Venus And Mars
Zoo Gang
Lunch Box/Odd Sox
My Carnival
At The Speed of Sound
Walking In The Park With Eloise
Bridge On The Suite
Sally G.
London Town
Girls' School
Mull Of Kintyre

Wings Greatest*

Back To The Egg
Daytime Nightime Suffering
Wonderful Christmastime
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae

* Kein Bonus Tracks